Limbic System Re-Patterning

Specializing in support for those working with The Gupta Programme ( and Dynamic Neural Retraining System (DNRS).

Brain Re-Patterning Coaching: Individualized support for those practicing or wanting to start practicing limbic system re-patterning.

Brain Re-patterning Support Group: Are you recovering from MCS, EI, CFIDS, or PTSD? Did you study DNRS with Annie Hopper? Amygdala Retraining with Ashok Gupta?  Please join a small group of dedicated individuals focusing on healing and recovery using the lessons developed by Annie Hopper and Ashok Gupta for recovery from MCS, CFIDS and other trauma. This group is for graduates of trauma-loop recovery training programs, it does not teach specific techniques nor is it affiliated in any way with Gupta Ashok’s or Annie Hopper’s programs. Instead, it provides a forum to support your personal recovery using the above protocols developed for trauma-loop recovery. Our purpose is to help support your healing-practice, through inquiry and insight into your personal journey and through a deeper understanding of the powerful and effective principles behind trauma-loop recovery.

New Group starting soon. or 978-544-6347 for more information.